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     Joyann Grace (Kimberly Riggs)

About the Author

Joyann Grace 

Born and raised in beautiful upstate New York for the first decade of her life, her raisin' up was finished in the charming Eastern North Carolina, eventually moving back north as a young adult. Seeing both sides of the coin, she has always been torn between the two areas, yet always knowing she has been blessed to have experienced both. 

Later on, Joyann, had the opportunity to travel even deeper south where she made her home in central Alabama for  several years. Enjoying the time she had in the sweet home of Alabama, she still visits as often as time allows. 

Raising her children back in the land of the southern charm of eastern North Carolina,  which is and has been her home for the majority of her life where she still resides with her children and husband. Traveling and learning new places will always be an important part of her life - as those who wander are not always lost. 

Working in the Newspaper industry, writing, and spending time with her family, she still finds time to enjoy local auctions to find life's hidden treasures. You can never own too many vintage books among other finds.  A serious lover of all things coffee and her wonderful fur and feathered babies at home, which include two horses, a parrot and her dogs, which always keep her mellow and grounded. 

A supportive husband and loving family keep her going each day to accomplish what started off as just a dream.  A vivid imagination , one step forward at a time and no looking back, the life of an Author - Joyann Grace.

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