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Paloma Capanna, Author

Paloma recently moved to Beaufort, and even after threat of a Cat 4 known as Florence, intends to stay!  We have fallen in love with our new home.  Our business is Downton Antiques where she and her partner live above the shop.

Capanna opens her work with the declaration, “There was a time I would not have lit a fire, if there wasn’t a man at home to tend to it. That worry wore off long ago, out of need.” 

One friend and then another commits suicide. Her partner has a heart attack. She comes face-to-face with a wolf in the wild. Her rescue dog bites her in the face. Her past intrudes in ways it can’t be changed. Life is messy, and what, really, does anyone know about how to live it?

Nearly 50: A Collection of Essays is written in real time through which Paloma explores how she tried to make thoughtful decisions in the midst of chaos in order to keep moving forward in the pulse of her life. It is the story of everyone who faces decisions that can only be made based upon the available information at the time and the bits of wisdom collected over time. Even when there is no perfect solution, she illustrates the importance of making a choice with which one can go on living.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Paloma Capanna’s book is a beautiful work of self-reflection that resonates in its honest humanity.

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase Nearly 50: A Collection of Essays at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

Douglas Slager, Author

Douglas W. Slager lives in Pinetown.  He and his wife have seven children, who he loves reading stories to. Having a love for art, he decided to create his own children's books. 

Arnie and Skid is his first attempt at writing stories. A second book is currently in the works. 

Paul Alston, Author

Paul grew up in eastern North Carolina. After receiving a Bachelor's degree at East Carolina University, he received his Master's and PhD degrees from the University of Georgia and is a licensed psychologist. He served on the faculty of East Carolina University for most of his professional career, and upon retirement became interested in writing fiction. Junior Prom is influenced by life and experiences of growing up in eastern North Carolina and is colored by a bit of nostalgia for the way things were. He currently lives in Greenville, NC. 

Junior Prom - About the only thing Scott Hunter has going for him is motorcycle. He doesn't have a date to the prom, and no real prospect. He could care less about the mystery of why Brett, the school's star quarterback, got kicked off the team. But when Christy Marlow asks Scott to help figure it out, Scott sees his chance to solve another mystery: how to get a prom date. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Louis Edwards, Author

Louis Edwards, has traveled around the world and lived in many countries. His experience and love for the Lord has helped him to minister to many people. Serving as a song leader, adult Sunday School teacher, and filling in as a minister brings him great joy.

He now lives in Eastern North Carolina with his wife Roberta of thirty-three years. He has two children and seven grandchildren.

Using the talent the Lord has given him, he has written many devotions that he uses on his blog and in church. His writing has helped and inspired many in the time of need. His greatest desire is to honor the Lord with his writing.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Phil.  

Dana Silkiss, Author

Dana L. Silkiss (1954-) was born in Brooklyn, NY. He attended Malverne HS on Long Island, NY, THEN studied at the University of Colorado and Adelphi Universities.

Dana is an entrepreneur who has successfully created many businesses. He is also a published poet, songwriter, martial artist, horse trainer, professional musician, author, and recording artist.

He has spent his life traveling the world, while exploring many cultures and cuisines. Dana’s goal is always to educate people in order for them to see the world in a different light. A light of understanding and wisdom, not ignorance and misconceptions!

L. Diane Wolfe, Author

Owner of Dancing Lemur Press LLC,  Speaker & Author

Known as “Spunk On A Stick,” Wolfe is a member of the National Speakers Association. She conducts seminars on book publishing, promoting, leadership, and goal-setting, and she offers book formatting and author consultation. Wolfe is the senior editor at Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. and the author of seven books. She travels for media interviews and speaking engagements and maintains numerous websites & blogs, including the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. - Spunk On A Stick - Spunk On A Stick’s Tips - Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C - Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Kathryn Wood Ahearn (writing as Kathryn Louise Wood), Author

Kathryn Wood Ahearn was born in Washington, North Carolina and lives with her husband in Edenton. She is a regular guest columnist for the Chowan Herald newspaper and, under the name of Kathryn Louise Wood, has had work published in the 2015 and 2017 editions of Estuaries, the visual arts and literary review of College of the Albemarle. Kate was awarded 2nd Place for non-fiction in Pamlico Writers Group Reflections anthology competition.


Sea Snow a gentle haunting of a 19th century lighthouse. Rose’s journal tells the story of a young southern woman, who travels to the rocky Massachusetts shore to be the wife of a lighthouse keeper. The story weaves together the joys, trials and supernatural to uncover the secerts that haunt a community.

 Her novel, Sea Snow- the gentle haunting of a 19th century lighthouse (historical fiction with a supernatural twist,) is available through and Barnes and You can read her blog at, enjoy her favorite recipes on Kate’s Giving Plate (Facebook,) and follow her adventures in writing at WoodlyWords (Facebook.) Kate is a member of Hampton Roads Writers, Wordsmiths of the Inner Banks, and Pamlico Writers Group.

LaDonna Holloman, Author

LaDonna Holloman is an Obstetrics Nurse. Her husband is a pastor. Together they have served many years in the ministry. 

Where Have All The Children Gone?

A blinding light and all the children in the amusement park disappear. Michelle teams up with FBI agent, Peter to hunt for the missing children. Every lead they follow is a dead end. Where could the children be? Who and why would anyone take them?

Where Have All The Children Gone is a Christian Fiction suspense thriller.


You can learn more about LaDonna and her books on her website,

Tom Kies, Author

Tom and his wife, Cindy live on the North Carolina coast with their Shih-Tzu, Lilly.

Darkness Lane

The second of the Geneva Chase Mystery Series is author, Thomas Kies latest book. News reporter, Geneva Chase is inspired from Kies long career working for newspapers and magazines.

He is currently working on his next novel, Graveyard Bay.

For more information on Tom and his books, visit his website,

Sherri Lupton Hollister, Author

Sherri lives with her husband in a small town on the Pamlico Sound.

Sherri is the author of Chrome Pink and the Leeward Files series. Edge of your seat romantic suspense that will take you on a wild ride through the backroads and byways of North Carolina’s inner banks. White Gold, the second in the series is due out in early fall.

For more on Sherri and her books, check out her website

Jim Keen, Author

A PWG member since 2008, Jim has served as Chairman. Jim has written two newspaper columns chronicling his sailing adventures. Nautical Musings, a weekly column about family adventures on the coast and In the Loop, a bi-weekly column featuring adventures while crossing the Atlantic.

Trinidad Express chronicles the 53-day, 5,400-mile voyage from South Africa to Trinidad with stops in Saint Helena Island and Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. Written from the viewpoint of a replacement crew member, the author's fascination is evident in learning from a seasoned captain, Bill Doar, and in the recounting of boat preparations, sightseeing, and poignant insights into the history of countries and sites visited. Join the blue water adventure of sailing vessel Advent II. Available on Amazon

My ebook, Log of S/V Irish Mist, a three book series, chronicles my singlehanded 13-month, 6,000 mile circumnavigation of the eastern United States, an adventure named "America’s Great Loop." Available soon in paperback!

Nautical Musings I and II are ebook anthologies of my newspaper articles.

Malaika King Albrecht, Author/Presenter

Malaika lives in Ayden, N.C. with her family and is the executive director of Rocking Horse Ranch and a yoga instructor at Freckles Farm. She is the author of three poetry books. Malaika is the current Pamlico Poet Laureate.

What the Trapeze Artist Trusts is available at Press 53 and won honorable mention in the Oscar Arnold Young Award. Her chapbook Lessons in Forgetting was published by Main Street Rag and was a finalist in the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and received honorable mention in the Brockman Campbell Award. Her second book Spill was also published by Main Street Rag in 2011. Her poems have been published in many literary magazines and anthologies and nominated for Pushcarts. Her poems have won awards in several contests, including at Poetry Southeast, the North Carolina Poetry Council, Salem College and Press 53. She’s the founding editor of Redheaded Stepchild, an online magazine that only accepts poems that have been rejected elsewhere.

Adrienne Dunning, Author/Presenter

Adrienne is simply a Southern gal who has fun playing poorly at golf, she loves all forms of expression–writing, dancing, cooking, talking–and does them frequently and with abandon.  She lives in coastal North Carolina.

Adrienne is working on a series based on the men from Seeking Solace, The Captain’s Folly bandmates Angus, Malcolm, and William.  Their stories start with Snaring Angus, now available on Amazon.

Adrienne released her debut novel, Seeking Solace, in April 2015.   She loves creating endearing and feisty characters full of humor and just a little awkwardness to keep them “real”.  Although a possible mystery series is under current exploration, her current works are primarily aligned with the contemporary romance/chick lit genres.  She is heavily active in her local NaNoWriMo chapter, and Seeking Solace was the resulting product of a NaNo project.  Her second novel, Revolution, released in October 2015. Her novels are distributed by ViridianFire Publications.

Marni Graff, Author/Presenter

Marni edits manuscripts, conducts writers’ workshops, and has twice been the recipient of month-long writing residencies at the Vermont Studio Center. She currently resides in rural North Carolina and lives on the Pungo River, part of the coast’s Intracoastal Waterway.

Marni is the award-winning author of The Nora Tierney Mysteries, set in England, and The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries. She writes crime book reviews at, is Managing Editor of Bridle Path Press, and a member of Sisters in Crime and the NC Writer’s Network.

All books available in pb, Kindle and Audible at Amazon and Bridle Path Press.

Michael Worthington, Author/Presenter

Michael is a full-time writer of YA novellas after retiring from teaching college for thirty years. Usually, his pug sleeps on the recliner’s footrest while he types away on his laptop, looking out the window at his ornamental Bradford Pear tree.

Jeannie Julian, Author/Presenter
Jeanne Julian is a poet and photographer who lives beside the Croatan National Forest in North Carolina. She belongs to a number of writing and photography groups in coastal North Carolina, and was a featured reader at the 12th Annual Carolina Mountains Literary Festival in 2017.

Her first chapbook, Blossom and Loss,was published in December of 2015. She has two chapbooks and a full-length collection in the works.

Cathwren Hermon (Cathey Fitzgerald), Author/Presenter

Did you ever meet someone and just feel immediately that it was right, that you were connected in a miraculously direct way?

Were all connected in direct and indirect ways, and if we listen to that part of us that recognizes other kindred spirits, were sure to find that mysterious and elusive Path to contentment.  

Cathwren Hermon is a citizen of the world, which she shares with her cats, Angel and Theodore Roosevelt.

Traveling from her home sixty miles from Gettysburg, Cathwren Hermon has often walked the battlefields and felt the living presence of those who gave their last full measure of devotion there.

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