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February 2020 - Writing Challenge

  • 01 May 2020 3:12 PM
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    Gloria A. Gold-Loftin

    The Black Boy

    We met as friends on a cold winter day,

    Our friendship bloomed into love that could not be swayed

    In the woods, that we thought were safe in every way

    We met by day, we loved by night

    Until we were caught in the hot spot light

    They took that boy and hung him high

    My life gone before my eye

    I went back early that morn and cut him down

    I laid him on the cold wet ground

    I folded him up in my warm embrace

    I slit my wrist and felt my body grow cold

    Red blood flowed over Black and White

    Mingled forever in the phantom light

  • 24 Feb 2020 4:21 PM
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     Secret of the Sleeping Beauty

    Her body lies in Herdern graveyard,

       Interred in ancient Switzerland,

    Where her lovely form can still be found,

       Reclining there with a book in hand;

    Her beauty captured in solid stone,

       Tho’ long ago she joined an angel band.

    Covers carelessly draped over her limbs,

       As if she'd just fallen asleep;

    With her flowing hair framing her face,

       Serene with the secret that she keeps,

    Of who weekly puts beneath her arm,

       A bouquet of fresh flowers all in a heap.

    The flowers change with the season:

       Daffodils and daisies in early spring,

    Lilies and sunflowers when summer is nigh.

       Sometimes only a single rose he brings,

    A red rose to signify undying love,

       Ageless love to which he clings.

    [Google Caroline Walter]

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  • 17 Feb 2020 11:13 AM
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    Kimberly Riggs (Administrator)

    February 2020 - Writing Challenge

    Share your story or poem in one-thousand or less words by uploading it here as a reply. All genres and levels of writing welcome!

    A month of love, or maybe revenge...

    Where does this image take your story?  Use this picture to create a poem or story for our February Writing challenge. This visual prompt can be as sappy sweet, a payback from the past, or a rage of revenge.

    An extra challenge - Use your sensory system to bring your words to life. What does it smell like, or what do you see? Can you taste the sweet wine, or maybe you can only see it in the distance? Do you hear footsteps behind you? Can you feel the thorns of the rose digging in your skin beneath your grip? Use this as an exercise to include all 5 commonly recognized senses, or as many as you can include.

    Good Luck :)

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