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January 2020 - Writing Challenge

  • 13 Feb 2020 12:37 PM
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    Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

    Paradise Lost

    As I sit in my prison cell waiting for the Kangaroo Court to decide my fate, I think back on how this all happened.  How the greatest country on Earth became corrupted beyond all hope.

    The Beast had just been elected to the Presidency.  Voted in by the ignorant and disenfranchised. Then we found out that the foreign country helped him win.  We hoped for the best, but knew that this aberration would destroy our country.

    The day was like any other, but hope was in the air. I was sitting by the pond in our lake house in the Mountains of North Carolina. I had just voted and was certain that my candidate would come out on top and this nightmare would be over. 

    The day was warm for November, but in North Carolina, Winter could become summer in a matter of hours.  The still silence calmed my nerves. Certain that at the end of the day my fears would be allayed.

    The day started out with my candidate our in front. Then the worst happened the Electoral College announced that the Beast had won the election.

    The Beast was a buffoon and surely calmer heads in his new administration would keep him in line.  The Beast was now the most powerful man on Earth.

    As his administration started, he put his family member in positions of power.  He fired or forced out the people who could keep him in line.  Instead, hiring sycophants’ who would not dare say a word to him for fear of being ridiculed and forced out.

    As the year went on his corrupt administration hired Phil Farr to be his Attorney General.  He was of course put through by the Republicans who were so afraid of the Beast and so eager to hold on to power that they would do anything for this horrible excuse of a man.

    Then he tried to subvert an election in a newly freed Russian state.  The Beast was so afraid of a political rival that he demanded the new president, “do him a favor, though.”  When the transcript of the call was released to the public you could see that the Beast would do anything to hold on to power, even subvert and new Democratically elected government to get what he wanted.

    This had gone too far for the Democrats who tried to hold him in check. They eventually impeached him with no votes from the cowardly sycophants on the other side, afraid that if they did, they would now we called names by the Beast and their quest for power would end.

    Eventually it went to trial in the Senate, and the same cowards acquitted him.

    Now emboldened the Beast started striking out in all directions. His madness at the fore front.  Any one who testified against him was purged from their positions, family members included. Lives destroyed because people were afraid to speak up. The rule of law destroyed.

    Cases against the Beast’s allies were thrown on the trash heap with the help of the Attorney General. 

    What came next was the end of Democracy as we knew it.

    To win the next election, the Beast with the help of the corrupt generals, declared Martial Law, just as people were going to vote. We showed up at the voting stations and some were taken into custody and thrown in jail never to be seen again. This had turned into Nazi Germany with the Beast as Hitler.

    We could no longer stand by and let this happen to the country we loved. We met in secret at our lake house, thousands came to hear us speak.  We would take back our country, just as the Patriots fought for our freedom from Britain, 200 years before.

    The war was bloody and long. Millions died on both sides.  The leaders including me were captured and thrown into prison with no lawyer and no trials. The Beast had seemed to have won.

    We had no qualms about being arrested.  But it seemed like the Revolution was at an end.  But just as all hope was lost, we heard people singing the Star-Spangled Banner. Fighting became fierce outside our prison walls. We did not know what was going on. We wanted to believe that our countrymen had come to break us out so we could continue the fight.

    When we were liberated, we learned that the Beast was dead, killed by brave soldiers who had had enough of being asked to kill their countrymen.

    I sit on the bench by the pond at our lake house a 70-year-old woman. I hope our countrymen have learned from our mistakes, but as we are only stupid humans who cannot remember what went before. I fear that it could happen again.

  • 23 Jan 2020 3:27 PM
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    Sherri Hollister (Administrator)

    Beautiful, Lisa! Thank you for sharing! 

  • 22 Jan 2020 8:36 AM
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    Lisa Gargaro (Administrator)

    “I prayed for you today”

    As I began my yoga ritual this morning, I dedicated my practice to you.  Sitting underneath blue skies in meditation, I sought answers from God almighty.  I prayed for your emotional well-being and your physical endurance as you enter into the most difficult time of your life.  I prayed for you today...

    With each breath, I exhaled the brisk air and envisioned healthy, sunny days ahead for you.  With each exhale, I focused on removing this ugly entity that has taken your body hostage.  Every kneeling pose upon the green grass included a plea of healing for your sweet soul.  I prayed for you today...

    Looking upon the water, tears filled my eyes.  If the droplets represent each prayer that I have sent up to heaven for you, surely God has heard my request... a petition for peace and recovery.  I breathed into another stretch and I cried for you today...

    The heavy burden of cancer is your cross to bare.  It has crushed your spirit and left you hopeless.  As your impending death draws near, sadness hangs heavy and you can smile no more.  Still, I wrap my thoughts around your very being, as I wrap my arms around myself, and I prayed for you today...

    I end my practice with a whisper of, “Namaste’.”  Feelings of gratitude and love overwhelm my heart.  The water reflects vivid images of life and beauty, as do my memories of you that are forever etched into my mind.  This sickness will take you away soon and I will miss you.  I prayed for you today....

  • 16 Jan 2020 9:11 PM
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    Sherri Hollister (Administrator)

    Tracy sighed, easing gingerly onto the bench her muscles protesting the exercise. The house had become too confining. She’d needed to get away from the well-intentioned machinations of her family. Someone would be sent to look for her soon. They’d not allowed her out of their sight for more than a few minutes since the accident.

    The river reflected the early morning sunlight, turning it to liquid gold as the fog lifted and the sun stretched out its warm glow to embrace its domain. Tracy loved this spot by the river. The bench was new, replacing the one lost in the hurricane. The aroma of fresh cut wood still lingered in the air mingling with the sweet scent of spring that hinted of the promise of the changing season.

    Turning her face up to the sun, she let the warmth soothe her aching body and wished it could do something for the ache in her heart. So much loss and destruction, she might not be to blame for it, but she knew she’d been a trigger. Had she simply done what he asked, how many lives would have been saved? The lap of the water, the gentle breeze, the warming rays of the sun, all conspired to send her into the arms of Morpheus.

    “A penny for your thoughts?” The deep baritone roused her from her slumber.

    Blinking, she smiled up at Billy. “It’ll cost more than a penny.” She slid over to allow him to sit down beside her. They’d been through so much together, the firefighter and the reporter. Phil had tried to pit them against each other, but they’d become a team.

    Billy perched carefully on the edge of the bench.

    “It’ll hold you,” she teased. “I didn’t make it.”

    He slid back and put his arm around her back, not touching, only draped over the bench.

    “I won’t break either.”

    He made a choking sound. “I almost lost you.”

    Turning to him, she stared, surprised to see the raw emotions in his eyes: fear, pain, and something she wasn’t ready yet to define.

    He gently took her injured hand in his, and wrapped the arm behind her about her shoulders, pulling her into him. “I thought, I thought you were dead.”

    She was surprised to see tears in his eyes. Tenderly she stroked his stubbled cheek with the tips of her fingers exposed in the bandage. “You need to shave.”

    “My hands won’t stop shaking.”

    She lifted hers. “I’m not much help.”

    “Not sure I’d trust you with a razor at my throat,” he said with a hoarse laugh.

    “I’m okay,” she whispered and leaned against his chest.

    He held her a little tighter, kissed the top of her head. “I’m not.”

    They sat there, on the new wooden bench, staring off at the horizon. The sound of the water lapping against the shore as steady as their heart beats.

    “You will be,” she whispered. “You will be.”

  • 15 Jan 2020 7:13 AM
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    Sherri Hollister (Administrator)

    I’m always amazed by the talent and diverse reactions to the writing prompts. Great job y’all!

  • 14 Jan 2020 3:54 PM
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    Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

    From across the lake,

    Past the rippling blue

    Faint sounds of a songbird

  • 12 Jan 2020 2:56 PM
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                Watching the Water

    The wooden bench beside the river,
    Where he had knelt on the dewy ground,   
    And offered a ring that he had bought her,
    Which she accepted, hearts were bound.

    Over the years they had tarried here,
    To enjoy the place with no one near.
    But now he’d left for a better place,
    She missed kissing his handsome face.

    She sat on the bench to rest a bit,
    His presence she felt in their special place,
    She moved to the side so he could sit.   
    And closed her eyes to picture his face.

    Why must she wait for their reunion?
    Then she renewed her resolution,
    She still had things she had to do,   
    Before she rejoined her lover true.

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  • 06 Jan 2020 6:11 PM
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    Millie Sparks

    Water Haiku

    Down by the water

    The sun glimmers in the breeze

    Beautiful teardrops

  • 02 Jan 2020 11:29 AM
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    Kimberly Riggs (Administrator)

    January 2020 - Writing Challenge

    Share your story or poem in one-thousand or less words by uploading it here as a reply. All genres and levels of writing welcome!

    A new year, and a new clean slate for 2020. Where do you start? Use this picture to spark your story or poem for our January Writing challenge. Enjoy creating from this visual prompt .

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