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Cries of Innocence receives a Readers' Favorite. 

Five Star Award

In the small coastal community of Silverton, an evil presence resides. Over time most residents have grown numb to its insidious and subtle presence. A few have resisted.

Seventeen-year-old Bren has lived a life of abuse, discrimination, and exclusion. She blames her father, the town drunk, for every misery she has ever endured. Instead of surviving within her situation like others do, Bren is fiery mad and begins to push against a system she can’t begin to understand. When her efforts fail, she decides to escape with her mom. They never make it.

Bren is whisked away to The Haven, home of her paternal grandmother, GG. Under her tutelage, Bren is awakened to a destiny she could have never envisioned. She learns about truth and witnesses another side of life. In the process of self-discovery, she has to deal with her own weaknesses, fears, and unforgiveness.

As evil approaches Bren asks, “Who are we up against?” The answer strikes deep within her breast.

Can she stand firm? Can she look into the eyes of hate and forgive? If she can’t, her greatest fear will be realized.

 Depression Cookies is a coming of age story  woven around the heart of family triumph. It is  told from two distinct vantage points, middle-aged  mother, Abby, and her teenage daughter, Krista.

 Abby is buckling under the weight of a husband  who is climbing the corporate ladder, three  daughters each with their own unique needs, a  mother who is going off the deep end and family  health issues. As she is meeting everyone else's  needs, her own keep surfacing.  She feels she is  losing parts of herself daily and doesn't know how  to handle the stress and conflict. All she truly  wants is a little magic in her life.

 Krista is thirteen, battling acne and low self-  esteem, when her father waltzes in and  announces  the family is moving again. Instead of  letting fear and anxiety rule her life, she is  determined to survive the trenches of teenage  cruelty and family issues without completely  losing herself in the process.

 What neither expects to find is the true essence  of magic in the strength, friendship, power and  energy of the female spirit.

Have you ever said, “I just don’t understand poetry?” Promise Seeded Inside was written just for you. This book not only helps you to understand poetry, but possibly to enjoy it.

With each chapter of the book, the author takes you on a different journey into her life history and shares how poetry evolved from these experiences. She also discusses the reading process and feels it is important to understand how each person comes to the reading with their own particular set of experiences and language that govern their interpretation and understanding of the text.

Sharing her own experiences on love, being a mother, spirituality, fantasies, giving, health concerns, family and self, Angela Beach Silverthorne shows you how to experience more fulfillment, and to seek true meaning in your life beginning now. She shares her insights into creating richer moments with loved ones and offers tools for practicing everyday spirituality to make miracles happen.

More than anything, this book gives the reader a delightful account into one woman’s journey, her joys, her fears and her liberations. You will laugh, cry, and rejoice in her celebration of life because it is a shared experience.

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