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Featured Authors

Many books allow us to escape the cares of this world, and enter places we have never been. Today, we are featuring some of those authors and their works. Please join us as we take a trip and explore new adventures with their books.

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Dr. Michael Colonnese

Dr. Michael Colonnese holds an endowed professorship, the McLean Chair in English, at Methodist University. He serves as the Managing Editor of Longleaf Press and directs the Creative Writing Program. He is the author of a mystery novel, Sex and Death, I Suppose (Oak Tree Press, 2011) and two poetry collections, Temporary Agency (The Ledge Press, 2008) and Double Feature (Big Pencil Press, 2015). All three books were selected as winners of National Competitions. Sex and Death, I Suppose won the Dark Oak Novel Contest, Temporary Agency won the Ledge Poetry Award, and Double Feature won the 2014 Gell Poetry Prize from Writers and Books. He also publishes his short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, and essays in literary journals and magazines.

Michael will be presenting a workshop on Editing for Beginners at

the Pamlico Writers Conference in April 2020.


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Events Calendar

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Upcoming events

    • 05 Jan 2020
    • 12:01 AM
    • 01 Mar 2020
    • 12:00 PM
    • Competition Entry at

    The Search for a Poet Laureate to represent Eastern North Carolina.

    (Enter Below)

    The Pamlico Writer's Group Poet Laureate Search Committee has determined that the successful candidate for poet laureate will be an accomplished poet who has resided in Eastern North Carolina (east of the I-95 corridor) for a minimum of one (1) year. The candidate will be one who has advocated for poetry as a means to inspire, inform, and entertain its people, and is dedicated to continuing to do so. The Heart of the Pamlico Poet Laureate will serve as the ambassador of Eastern North Carolina's vibrant literary life, promoting its poet community, and celebrating the written word in North Carolina, always mindful of the fact that poetry matters.

    Objectives of the Poet Laureate Program

    • To promote poetry as a form of communication having value in this ever-changing world, most especially in the lives of Eastern North Carolina residents
    • To inspire an emerging generation of poets and writers
    • To encourage the reading and writing of poetry
    • To promote poetry as a literary genre that has deep roots among people of all ages and cultures

    Suggested Roles of the Heart of the Pamlico Poet Laureate

    • Promote reading, understanding, and writing of poetry
    • Develop working relationships among other poets, writers, and teachers
    • Participate in the annual Pamlico Writers’ Conference on April 3, 2020
    • Plan and teach an introductory workshop on poetry to interested members of the public
    • Broadcast a poetry program through television or radio showcasing local poets and their work
    • Make use of social media (blog, web site, twitter) to reach out to prospective poets
    • Present in Eastern Carolina schools to complement the language arts curriculum
    • Present original poetry at public events (writing conferences, swearing in ceremonies, holiday celebrations, graduations, and the like)

    Terms of Service

    • The term of The Heart of the Pamlico Poet Laureate is two (2) years. The poet laureate may apply for a second term but shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms. In the event that the poet laureate is unable to complete his/her term, an interim poet laureate may be appointed by the search committee to complete the term.


    • To be considered, a candidate must be at least 21 years of age, a poet and resident of Eastern North Carolina for a minimum of one (1) year, and must spend most of his/her time in-state for the duration of the service.
    • Interested poets must be available and willing to develop poetry-related activities such as those outlined in the section Suggested Roles of the Poet Laureate
    Attributes the ideal candidate will possess
    • A background in a variety of poetry experiences such as (writing, publishing, critiquing, attending courses, public readings, and the like)
    • A comfort level in public speaking
    • Ability and willingness to advance poetry in the public domain, and to participate in various public gatherings and educational settings throughout his/her term 

    Prize Award

    • $1,000 cash
    • A complimentary artist membership in The Arts of the Pamlico for the term of service

    Application Process

    All candidates must submit a copy of the following (online - below):

    • A completed application form available on the Pamlico Writers’ Group website
    • A brief statement (no more than 500 words) regarding how the poet intends to approach the scope of the position and its objectives
    • A sample of 3-5 poems (published or not, with no identifying information)
    • Two (2) personal references (include e-mail and phone)
    • All finalists will make themselves available for an interview if the selection committee contacts them.


    • Non-members–An entry fee of $35.00 which will cover a $10 reading fee and $25 membership for one year in PWG.
    • Current PWG members–$10 reading fee only

    PWG Members Enter Competition Here

    PWG Non-Members Enter Competition Here

    • 10 Mar 2020
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Turnage Theater

    Our critique groups meets year-round, the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm, Turnage Theater in downtown Washington, NC. 

    Purposely small critique group allows each person time to read a short selection of their latest work and receive constructive criticism in a caring atmosphere. We expect members to respect the boundaries of decency and propriety for the listener and the writer. We look forward to a mutual rich growth.

    • 03 Apr 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • 04 Apr 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Turnage Theater
    • 84

    Join us for our annual writers’ conference and the second Heart of Pamlico Poet Laureate competition.  This year’s theme, Writers Blocks: Building Your Vision, allows writers to custom build their workshop agendas to suit their own creative vision and goals.  Learn from published authors, university professors, and other successful creative professionals on a multitude of topics.  This is a can’t miss networking opportunity for our region!

    Friday Night-- Heart of the Pamlico Poet Laureate & Keynote Speaker

    The finalists of the Heart of the Pamlico Poet Laureate Competition will be recognized and provide readings, and the winner will be named and awarded. The opening night also features a reception and the 2020 keynote speech provided by North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green.  The Friday night reception and keynote is also open to the public.  Admission for Friday night only is $10 either by online registration or by cash at the door. 

    Saturday-- Pamlico Writers Conference Sessions

    Saturday features multiple sessions on writing craft, an on-stage interview with Jaki Shelton Green, author signing in the gallery, open mic session, and an award presentation and recognition of poet Marty Silverthorne.

    Six workshops are featured in two break-out sessions.  Attendees are able to choose from workshops for beginners, advanced writers, poets, and published authors looking to advance their career.  The conference will also feature a breakfast reception and lunch.

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