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Sarah (8th grader) awakes from a coma after a global computer crash. The Crash brings down electrical, banking, telephone, and food distribution systems around the world. Then Earth is attacked by space aliens, who had sent the virus to cripple Earth’s defenses before their invasion. Only a few computers with unusual operating systems are immune from the computer virus, like Sarah's Raspberry PI kit computer that she uses to help crack the computer code of the space pirates.

After his parents’ divorce, 15-year-old Jerry and his mother move from Boston to her hometown in rural Georgia for a fresh start. Separated from his father, and uprooted from his classmates and teachers, his only links to his former life are his mother and his horse. The sole bright spot in his new life is the East West Stables, where he trades barn chores for riding lessons, and learns life lessons in the bargain. He meets Jennifer, a girl his age, when he saves her horse after an accident. Together they face challenges at the stables, on trails, and at horseshows. Gradually they grow closer, and she introduces him to local teenagers. Hidden within this book is a mystery and clues are sprinkled throughout the text. This secret is the key that unlocks the full meaning of the story. This easy read/high interest book encourages teenagers to read. Several subplots weave together: autism, bullying, friendship, romance and horsemanship.

For thousands of years, people have searched for the elusive secret to success. It's not really a secret, but it just as well be a closely held secret because most people simply overlook it. The "secret" is simple: take a long view of life. If you work towards a long range goal, short-term emotional pains and problems pale in comparison to the long-term opportunities. If you focus on the long view, you will avoid many of life's arguments and aggravations because they don't really matter in the long run. Look through the lens of long range goal seeking, and you will make better decisions about a host of life issues: romance, friendships, occupations, and family. Learn to take a long view of life, and you can put emotional pain and personal problems behind you. Learn how to control your temper and to build stronger relationships with friends and family. It is as simple as learning how to set long-term, concrete, worthwhile goals. Learn how to

Jon tries to hide his ability to read minds because he wants people to accept him as normal after spending the first three grades in a special-needs class because of autism. Now he is able to participate in a regular fifth grade class because his therapists had hypnotized him to teach him to relax and concentrate. But the very first hypnosis session had awakened his latent talent to sense the thoughts of people and animals. He tried to hide his ability, but when he learns scary secrets from classmates and animals, he feels compelled to help them.

Hi/Lo Book to encourage teen reluctant readers. Gift a print copy to a teen, and read the free Kindle "matchcopy" so you can discuss it with your loved one. Adults say it is an easy read for a day at the beach or an afternoon at home.
Torrie, a Hispanic teenager, battles Multiple Sclerosis and racism while she helps rehab a rescued racehorse. It's her senior year at a new high school when MS flares up. Her parents hope that horse therapy will help her deal with the disease. Some bigoted students harass her because of her Puerto Rican heritage but Nikia, her best friend, Steve, her boyfriend, help her overcome her challenges.

Her father is an officer in the Marine Corps, who teaches her that life doesn’t present problems, but rather opportunities to find solutions. She puts his philosophy to the test as she struggles with MS while facing racism and persecution as a high school senior in Camp Lejeune, NC.
High school seniors are excited by college life, but they are also anxious about the unknown. For many, this will be the first time that they will make their own decisions about the direction of their life. This book provides a roadmap to success by helping them take full advantage of opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls during their first year. College is much more diverse than high school, with a variety of beliefs and ideas that students must learn to accept without necessarily approving of them. College life requires self-discipline in academics, money management, personal behavior, and extracurricular activities. This book covers academic policies, career planning, technology use, time management, academic skills, college financing, and textbooks.
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