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   Placed into foster care at an early age, Billy never accepted the idea that his parents had abandoned him. The words of his mother had given him hope that one day he would be reunited with them. “If you put a note in a Christmas stocking before Christmas, your wish will come true.” Faced with the problem of not having a stocking; Billy decided to leave the foster home.

   His journey to the big city was not what he had expected. The bitter cold and street thugs had forced him to find a place of refuge. Billy took refuge in an old abandoned deli along with an old one-eyed tom-cat who became his friend.

   With Christmas only two days away, Billy realized he had no money and was forced to do something he hadn’t wanted to do, steal. Faced with inclement weather, thugs, and a hateful store clerk, Billy’s hopes and dreams had started falling like a house of cards. Had Billy made the wrong decision? Would he ever get his stocking? Would his parents want him back?

   The clock is ticking and time is running out. Join Billy in his quest to find his parents.

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