Spring Melt


Like crocuses rising from dark earth,

the wrought-iron tips of the chaise lounge

emerge from beneath melting snow

buried since December.

As the sun casts

its long anticipated warmth,

a garden of deck furniture

begins to bloom.

Slant-backed Adirondack chairs

seem to push upward

like yellow daffodils

teasing, inviting.

Soon the glass-topped coffee table

bathed in water droplets,

reminiscent of morning dew

on zinnias and marigolds

appears next to the glistening barbecue grill.

Then cracked, clay flower pots advance

sporting brown geranium stalks,

victims of the first freeze

October last.

The damp, wooden bird feeder

clings to the deck railing

petunia-like--slightly tilted

still clutching traces

of empty birdseed husks.

Sweet promise of summer

evokes thoughts of colorful bouquets,

striped canvas cushions

and the picnic table

holding a wildflower centerpiece

under the shade umbrella.

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