From Left to Right: Nancy Clark, Alison Stuart, Kayla Wyrick, Courtney Staton, Polly Frank, Diane De Echeandia, Debra Kornegay, Michael Worthington, Anne Blythe Davis.Heather Bell Adams, and Lane Schroeder were not present.


Writers Competition Winners

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High School Cash Scholarship

Courtney Staton, Letter from a Gifted Kid (Prose) First Place

Anne Blythe Davis, Orbit (Poetry) First Place

Kayla Wyrick Strength Honorable Mention

Adult Competition

Allison Stuart The Combination (Fiction) First Place

Heather Bell Adams L'Orangerie (Fiction) Second Place

Alison Stuart The Homewoner's Guide to the Heartbrake of the Hoard (Fiction) Honorable Mention

Michael Worthington Ayden Racial Unrest (Nonfiction) First Place

Polly Frank The Small "c" (Nonfiction) Second Place

Debra Kornegay The Girl Who Threw Her Books (Nonfiction) Honorable Mention

Diane De Echeandia Spring Melt (Poetry) First Place

Nancy Clark Mourning Dove (Poetry) Second Place

Lane Schroeder Before the Street Light (Poetry) Honorable Mention

Diane De Echeandia Waiting (Poetry) Honorable Mention

William Meggs Top Down (Poetry) Honorable Mention

Deborah Doolittle Afghan (Poetry) Honorable Mention

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