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Many books allow us to escape the cares of this world, and enter places we have never been. Today, we are featuring some of those authors and their works. Please join us as we take a trip and explore new adventures with their books.

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Tammera Cooper

Tammera Cooper grew up on the Rappahannock River in Virginia watching the riverside community change with the times but remaining the same in spirit. The waterside lifestyle is in her blood and influences her writing every day.

Her favorite Romance book was To Love a Rogue by Valerie Sherwood. After reading it many times in High School, she headed to University of West Florida to study marine archeology, final destination, Port Royal Jamaica.  After she found out she wasn’t that great a swimmer, she changed her major to Art History. And so, she started her career in retail management.  

In 2014, Tammera was a Retail Store manager, and the writing bug bit.  The characters started speaking to her and would not leave her alone until she started to put them on paper. The Water Street Chronicles were born.  She has always loved historical romance and she assumed that was what she was writing.  During a brainstorming exercise with a Harlequin Editor at Babes on the Beach, the contemporary story came to life. She hasn’t looked back.

Tammera made some changes in her career and personal life to put the words on paper.  She now lives in Washington, NC. Writing is her second job.  Keeping her readers happy is her main task.  She enjoys the research required to write the stories that are woven with the small town’s history. 

She is a member of the Pamlico Writers Group, Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and Romance Writer of American. The support and education provided by these groups have kept Tammera on the right track to publication.

Author Social Media Links

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/tlcWriterOnThePamlico/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tlc_writer/

Twitter  https://twitter.com/tlc_writer

Website  https://www.southernromanceonthepamlico.com/

Drenched Sunflowers SYNOPSIS

Rainy days and river views fill Beth's summer as she makes a new start in small town Washington, North Carolina.  After the loss of her husband in a tragic accident, simple seems better.  It's time to renovate her life, starting with a future art gallery on the river.  Sam, her contractor, has everything under control, but the stress of the construction project and new business is beginning to make her crazy.  Nightmares and visions of ghosts become the nightly norm.  She doesn't have time for this.  She doesn't have time for her heart to make room for him.

Sam is happy filling his days and nights with work.  His two jobs as a teacher and contractor are his passions and do not leave room for much else. This new project has possibilities: a beautiful owner, the history of the house, and an 18th century diary. Beth's dream is becoming a timely reality until she disappears.

Mystery and intrigue fill the haunting river bank of the Pamlico as Sam and Beth find the truth behind the Water Street house and each other.


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