Featured Authors

Many books allow us to escape the cares of this world, and enter places we have never been. Today, we are featuring some of those authors and their works. Please join us as we take a trip and explore new adventures with their books.

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Contributing Authors

The Power of Southern Sweet Tea - By Tammera Cooper

The Heart of Cooking - By Sherri Lupton Hollister

The Booking - By Eileen Lettick

Cadillac Cowboy - By Sherri Lupton Hollister

What’s for Dinner - By Lisa Smith-Gargaro

Apple Farm - By Betsy Brown

Fried Chicken at the Bagley Farm - By James E. Keen

Helen’s Best Birthday Ever  - By Roger Olson

Gram  - By Pamela Desloges

Porridge  - By Jeddie Sophronius

The Debt  - By Marty Silverthorne

First Apartment  - By Jeanne Julian

I’ll Take the County Road Anyday  - By Alison Klakowicz

Home  - By Josh Gindi

Come Home  - By Emily Grimes

So You Want to Know Where I’m From - By Emily Grimes

The Searching  - By Mary Retta

Ontario  - By Maya Roe

Small Towns  - By Maya Roe

We  - By Maya Roe

Catching My Eye - By Marni Graff

Liz the Fixit Wiz  - By Michael Worthington

Riddle Song - By Malaika King Albrecht

Baking Cookies with Rebeccah  - By Deborah Doolittle

Security Guard  - By Sherri Lupton Hollister

A Second Chance - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

Midnight  - By Dana L. Silkiss

Paths - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

Quiet - By E.M. Satterley

Abduction  - By Dana Silkiss

Phone Call Adventure - By Michael Worthington

Memories - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

Birth Mother - By Sarah Maury Swan

Then the Phone Rang - By Richard Knowles

The Misunderstanding - By Sherri Lupton-Hollister

Believe - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

The Water Bottle - By Gil Alligood

Found Family - By Michael Worthington

Mrs. Rousseau - By E.M. Satterley

Zero Day - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

Zumba Torture - By Sherri Lupton-Hollister

A Glass of Water - By Lars Larsen

A Ferry Tale - By Michael Worthington

Ferries - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

Under the Blue Moon - By Michael Worthington

Cobalt Blue - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

Troubadour - By Sherri Lupton-Hollister

Grandfather’s Chest - By Michael Worthington

The House - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

Haunted House - By Sherri Lupton Hollister

Another Typical Night - By Michael Worthington

Lights - By Gloria A. Gould-Loftin

The Jolly Boy - By Michael Worthington

“Casey, Mom’s Gone” - By Sherri Lupton Hollister

Barn Visit - By Michael Worthington

Snippy - By Janine Sellers

Fruit with Feet - By Michael Worthington

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