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Sandra McGuire Claycomb Lilley:

Spent most of my years growing up at my grandmas In the small town of Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania. I began to write around 9 years old, but never shared it with anyone through most of my life. Now is the time, at 70 years old.

I spent many years as a Navy wife, traveling everywhere, raising my beloved 3 kids, and then being there for 3 stepkids. All of my jobs were extremely interesting and rewarding. I have spent the last 20 years setting up music events, bands, and motorcycles; we are very active in our church. 

My husband of 21 years, Ken, is very supportive. He is the perfect sounding board and active in all my events as the MC, as well as lead singer in several bands.

I hope to make people identify with what I say, see that there is life and happiness on the other side of tough issues, inspire people, make them think. I want to create pictures in your mind.


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