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Essay "Advice for New Writers" Sherri Hollister

In 2009 I became the first recipient of the Ann Peach Scholarship offered by Romantic Times. This allowed me to attend their conference and the two day intense New Writers Work Shop with the late Judi McCoy, author of the Dogwalker Mysteries. Ms. McCoy inspired me with one simple exercise, she told us all to stand up and say "I am a writer" to say it loud and proud and over and over until we believed it. You have to believe in yourself in order to believe in the possibility of the dream but a dream can't come true without hard work. Believe it, strive for it and achieve it. This is my eight word advice to all writers, and develop callouses because rejections hurt.

Someone doesn’t want Rae Lynne Grimes to stay in Leeward. When warning her doesn’t work, they try to scare her away.

Logan Birdsong has fallen for Rae Lynne but she won’t be with him if he’s working for her nemesis. Afraid of losing the company his step-father has entrusted into his care, Logan is torn between his growing attraction to Rae and his need to succeed.

When Rae's dates start turning up dead, Rae and Logan both become suspects. They can’t prove their innocence while on the run but returning to Leeward could cost them everything

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