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Someone doesn’t want Rae Lynne Grimes to stay in Leeward. When warning her doesn’t work, they try to scare her away.

Logan Birdsong has fallen for Rae Lynne but she won’t be with him if he’s working for her nemesis. Afraid of losing the company his step-father has entrusted into his care, Logan is torn between his growing attraction to Rae and his need to succeed.

When Rae's dates start turning up dead, Rae and Logan both become suspects. They can’t prove their innocence while on the run but returning to Leeward could cost them everything

The sequel to Chrome Pink, White Gold tells Dana’s story as she struggles to keep from losing her dating club, Cupid’s Zone.

SBI Agent Jake Monroe’s career is hanging over a teetering ledge, he doesn’t have time for romance. After discovering Dana’s dating program has been hacked and her clients threatened, he is determined to protect her.

As a cold case heats up, so does their passions, Dana and Jake must untangle the truth before they are ensnared in a web of lies. One wrong choice could cost them their lives.

The Leeward Files series is a small town romantic suspense with edge of your seat excitement and drama.

Titanium Blue, the third book in the Leeward Files series

A dark romantic suspense set in the small town of Leeward, North Carolina where secrets have been kept for decades. When estranged lovers, Tar and Jenna renew their relationship, their commitment must face a gauntlet of trials. Will they survive a parents’ worst nightmare? Vandals, stalkers and a pedophile threaten their happily ever after. What’s spookier than monsters at Halloween, real monsters who look like your neighbors. With their son missing, Tar and Jenna face a future without him. Can their fragile relationship withstand the possibilities?

Explicit sex, mild violence and adult topics, Titanium Blue is a continuation of the Chrome Pink story line with a stand-alone romance.

Blurb for R and R

A career ending case, a beautiful young police officer and the healing waters of the rural North Carolina shores. Agent Alejandro Hernandez shouldn’t be thinking about romance, he should be trying to salvage his what’s left of his career.

Restless, Officer Jamie Smith, is a small-town cop looking for something more. She never expected to find it with her brother’s handsome and haunted partner, FBI agent Alejandro Hernandez.

When a crime boss bent on revenge comes looking for Alejandro, anyone close to him could end up dead. Will he be able to save the innocents this time, or will history repeat itself.

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